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Luke's Story

Luke chose the road less travelled and shines a light into the darkness, darkness most turn away from. He so often hears, “I could never do your job, I don’t know how you do what you do”. Luke’s response, “I do not need for you to do my job and I would not choose to do yours”.

He is called to come into the lives of people when they are most devastated, to sit in the darkness. He is asked, “Why do you go into the darkness?”. Luke responds, “Because there are people there”.

By social convention Luke is a Child Protection and Development Specialist, he is a candidate Master of Science in Child Health: The Neurodevelopmental option. Luke often acts as a translator between toddler, adolescent, and parent. Luke is an amateur boxing coach and fitness instructor in Hillbrow.

His aspiration – a Michelin Star for inner city culinary creations. Luke is a motorhead – he builds bikes and cars and reminisces about his childhood in the South of Johannesburg. Luke makes a mean pancake – the smell took the petrol from his nostrils and takes him back to weekends connecting with his parents and brother.

Luke found his vocation somewhere on the roads of the South of Jozi between the kindness of two teachers and a cousin to whom the world was too cruel.

Luke's Bio

“Working with children is walking on holy ground, be mindful of the footprints that you leave”

With three decades of experience working in the non profit and child protection sector, Luke Lamprecht is a thought leader on child protection and development.

Luke works with children in conflict with the law, children with autism, children with behavioural challenges and psychiatric diagnoses, and children in mainstream schooling. He is an expert consultant on child protection and development; sexual abuse; and toxic masculinity.

Luke has in depth understanding on the child and teenage brain and is currently completing his MSc in Neurodevelopment at WITS within the Department of Paediatrics and Pathology.

Luke presents engaging, thought provoking and mind shifting key note addresses; engagements; presentations and workshops for learners, parents and educators, the healthcare fraternity, non profit sector, and corporate clients.


  • Runner Up – City Programme of the Year in the Global Sport for Development Awards in NYC, Fight With Insight 2019
  • Winner – Jack Cheetham Sport’s Awards, Fight With Insight 2019
  • Nominated Man of the Year – Department of Social Development in the category – Community
  • Nominated Man of the Year – Department of Social Development in the Category – Men’s Health
  • Nominated – Carte Blanche Story of the Decade, Fight With Insight
  • Runner Up – Ipumilelo Award, The Teddy Bear Clinic

Professional Associations

Current Positions Held:

  • Woman and Men Against Child Abuse – Advocacy Manager
  • Fight with Insight - Director
  • The Johannesburg Child Advocacy Forum – Convener
  • South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse – Consultant
  • Babies Matter (Shaken and Abused Baby Initiative) – Board Member, Special Advisor on Child Protection Issues

Positions Served:

  • The Teddy Bear Clinic
  • Lefika La Phodiso
  • Childline
  • Johannesburg Child Welfare

Academic Associations

  • Wrote the Gauteng Protection Protocol in consultation with the University of Johannesburg and the Department of Social Development
  • Honorary Lecturer – Department of Paediatrics at WITS
  • Supervisor – Honours Students, Department of Forensic Pathology
  • Placement Supervisor – Psycho-social Support Students, The South African College of Applied Psychology


  • A (Hons), currently completing an MSc in Neurodevelopment at Wits within the Departments of Paediatrics and Pathology
  • Midrand Graduate Institute, Higher Certificate in Multi-Disciplinary Child Protection Team Management
  • Yale University – Foundation for Professional Development, Qualification in Health Management
  • Yale University, Advanced Health Management


  • U Academy, Mental Health Ambassador Certification
  • U Academy, Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence Certification
  • U Academy, First Aid Tips for Mental Health
  • U Academy, The Neuroscience of Attachment
  • U Academy, Train your Brain: Practical Guide to Stimulate your Neurons
  • The CPD Accreditation Group, Diet and Nutrition Coach


  • South African Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professionals, delegate - SA – ACAPAP Congress 2019

2015 - 2018

  • JABO Boxing Organisation, appointed as a District Boxing Coach
  • Just Jargon, Psychotherapy with infants, under 5s and their families
  • Impact Learning, Childhood Psychiatric Disorders
  • Convergent Ideas, Facilitate Learning Using a Variety of Given Methodologies
  • UCT, Scientific and Philosophical concepts related to understanding the mind
  • Health and Fitness Professional Association, certified as a Fitness Instructor
  • University of Pretoria, Introduction to Neuroscience Coaching, achieved with Distinction