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Fight with Insight

Fight with Insight is a thriving inner city community program in the heart of Johannesburg. Intertwining local knowledge and wisdom with world class experience and expertise.

Launched in 2006, Fight with Insight was established in the city with the vision of creating a safe place for the children of Johannesburg, using boxing to teach life skills to assist in taking responsibility for claiming rights. Fight with Insight aims to contribute positively to healthy lifestyles and sustainable communities for youth and children.

Since the establishment of Fight with Insight as an Open Access gym, there has been significant growth. Fight with Insight has identified three main focus areas:


Fight with Insight is the largest and most successful amateur boxing gym in Johannesburg. On a weekly basis 80 young boxers from the age of 8 are supported. Fight with Insight boasts a number of South African and Pan African Champions.


Fight with Insight run a specialised program catering to the needs of children with Autism. The program was established by Neurodevelopmental Specialists; Occupational Therapists; Designers and Boxers.


Fight with Insight run programs for young women, these programs include boxing; self defence; social and leadership development.

Community of Care

Fight with Insight have worked hard to build a Community of Care which ultimately forms a part of a mental health promotion program. FWI focus on basic developmental needs, such as food, hygiene, and also work towards ensuring access to constitutional rights, such as education, mental and physical health care services and introducing participants to a broader Community of Care, through partners. Through this Community of Care, Fight with Insight have been able to meet many of the varied needs of young people who are members of the gym, which is evident in the many successes and stories of change amongst the members of the squad. These range from boxing, education and entrepreneurial awards to personal development that has led to life changes. Fight with Insight is an open access boxing gym - free to all children who would like to participate. In order to support their participation, FWI use an approach called “Life Space Intervention”, which comes from Child & Youth Care theory, to understand their needs and potential barriers to participation.

It is one of the few programmes that focuses on the boy child. It intends to reclaim manhood and exit good men into the world. Fight with Insight are fighting for a society in which men are responsible and take responsibility for not harming themselves and others, positively impacting on breaking the cycle of violence.

Get in touch

For further information on Fight with Insight please email Karen Landi